It’s the Saturday Mix over at MindLovesMisery Menagerie. This week’s challenge is Double Take in which we explore the usage of homophones.

heal – to cure of disease
heel – hind part of foot
he’ll – contraction of “he will”


lain – past tense of lay
lane – narrow road

It was early Monday morning in the commune of Ampefy, which is located in the Itasy Region of Madagascar.  Leonard, who was new to the area and eager to make a good impression, strolled quickly down the lane with a sack of maize. Unfortunately, he was so anxious to surprise his commune-mates with the maize, he wasn’t watching where he was going and tripped over a protruding rock. He stubbed his toe and the sole of his worn leather sandal bent back and broke in two.

It was impossible for him to walk on a broken sandal so he took the remainder of it off, and tossed it to the side of the path. He continued his journey back to the commune wearing just one sandal. Why he didn’t simply take the other one off too, is unclear but that’s Leonard for you. Leonard was almost back to his commune when he felt a burning sting on his left heel. He turned to see the venomous Madagascarophis lolo, or ghost snake, slithering away.

“Son of a gun!” Leonard muttered. “He’ll get his…”

Leonard sat down in the middle of the lane and tried to maneuver his foot toward his mouth in order to suck out the venom, like they do on TV. Poor Leonard was not limber enough for such a contortion, and didn’t even know if it would work on ghost snake venom, anyway. Instead, he sat in the dirt and called for help, in hopes someone at the commune would hear him.

As the hours passed, the sun grew hotter. Due to global warming, a few of the maize kernels had already turned into popcorn, the heat was so intense. Leonard was thirsty, but there was no water in sight. Even if there had been, he had grown to weak to crawl. Leonard passed out.

Eventually, Roger and Scarlet, two members of the commune, happened upon Leonard after he’d lain in the sun for a few hours.

“Dude,” Scarlet whispered. “Check out Leonard an’ all that popcorn.”

“Yeah, I see.” Roger replied. “Maybe you better give him some water. He looks pretty hot.”

“Here,” Scarlet handed Roger the joint they’d been sharing. “Hold this.”

She unscrewed her canteen and let a little water trickle into Leonard’s mouth. He came-to sputtering and coughing.

“Man, am I glad to see you guys!” Leonard panted. “Check out my heel. A ghost snake got me!”

“Holy crap, man.” Roger took a hit from the joint and handed it back to Scarlet. Then he hoisted Leonard up and threw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“Am I gonna die, Roger? Do people heal from ghost snake bites?”

“Don’t worry, dude. He bit you on your heel, which is far enough away from your brain,” Roger explained. “Doctor Timothy can fix you up.”

“Man, it hurts like a mofo!” Leonard exclaimed.

“Scarlet, give Leonard a hit off that, will ya?”

She held the joint up to Leonard’s lips. “But what about all this popcorn…” Scarlet whined. “We can’t just leave it here.”

“Why don’t you stay here and guard it and I’ll come back for you later?”

“Cool!” Scarlet made herself comfortable and began munching the popcorn.

“Well, don’t eat it all!” Roger called out as he carried Leonard to safety.


SusanWritesPrecise/Susan Marie Shuman
Ampefy, Madagascar. Courtesy of


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