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This week’s writing prompt at 3LineTales is the image below by Davide Cantelli via Unsplash.   There’s nothing like the musty, crisp fragrance of  a library! The wafting aroma as I fan the pages of an old book is almost aphrodisiacal. Alas, they don’t taste as good as they smell.   Xylophagia    

Faerie Forest

Today is Tale Weaver at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie.  Our task is to describe a Fairy Land. The fog in the forest was sad shade of opaque gray. It seemed to try to lift, but its own density was too much. The thick fog made it difficult to breathe, as if a damp towel had been flung […]
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Cee’s Black & White 08/30/2018


Shamans Call

Today at MindLovesMisery’s Menagerie, we have Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille. The prompt is the image below by Alexander Nickolsky/Siberian Times. Shamans call upon Siberian Ancestors — Bang the drums harder.   Shapeshifting into reindeer brings swiftness, insights. Shamans play with fire.    

The Elder’s Hogan

It’s Wordle-day at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie! We are to create a story using at least ten of the words below: Rub Psyche Vitiate – spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of: development programmes have been vitiated by the rise in population. • destroy or impair the legal validity of: the insurance is vitiated because of foolish acts on the part of the tenant. Rose Receive Occurrence Persuade […]
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