Are you a practical jokester?

Not so much anymore. Sometimes practical jokes aren’t all that funny to the recipient.

Who cuts your hair? You, a friend, or professional.

I go to ULTA to get my hair cut. It’s so hard to find someone who knows how to cut naturally curly hair. One time I went to Great Clips and got butchered. Never again.

Did you have a stuffed animal when you were a kid, if so what kind?

Yes! And I still have her. Yum-Yum is her name, and she is a stuffed fish. I much preferred my stuffed animals to baby dolls. In fact, it was the animals who got pushed around in the baby buggy while the dolls were flung in the bottom of my closet. But then, when I was a little older, I got a Barbie doll and absolutely loved her.


SusanWritesPrecise/Susan Marie Shuman
Yum-Yum at the age of 55

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

I appreciated that nothing bad happened.


5 thoughts

  1. Interesting fun post.
    Yum-yum looks…. unique.
    I like to gently tease people. I like it too when they tease me in return.
    My wife cuts my hair – she’s brilliant at everything.
    I had two stuffed toys as a kid – a soldier and a tall skinny humanoid with big ears and a tail – both were knitted by my nan.
    I appreciated seeing my 9 year old niece improvising her father’s planks (building materials) as a trampoline. Some people are irrepressible. She always makes me smile.

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