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This week’s prompt at 3LineTales is the image below. ∞∞∞ Meredith bragged to her friends that her brand new Chuck Taylor All Stars were the exact same shade of yellow as the guard rail. They didn’t believe her so after school she tried to prove them wrong. It turned out that the color of Meredith’s […]
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As if

    suddenly you’re gone (were you ever really here?) poof! like bad magic      

The Good Stuff

This week’s writing prompt at 3LineTales is the image below.   How thoughtful of Auntie Sybil to leave me the things she treasured most: old spools of thread (hours of fun!), two books (she knew about my dyslexia) and these tacky silk roses. To think poor Cousin Earl is stuck with her filthy, dirty millions, […]
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    It was a sloppy slip of tongue; a quick, lewd glance and the whole world knew.    

Share Your World 2/12/2018

Are you a practical jokester? Not so much anymore. Sometimes practical jokes aren’t all that funny to the recipient. Who cuts your hair? You, a friend, or professional. I go to ULTA to get my hair cut. It’s so hard to find someone who knows how to cut naturally curly hair. One time I went […]
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