The Art of Unmindfulness

I lose things. Often.

Later, find them in the oddest and most illogical of places. For example, just this morning there was my bra, in all its padded glory, shoved into my purse. Apparently, I’d put it there last night, but why? I would kill to learn the thought process behind that move. No one will ever know. I don’t even remember taking the silly thing off! No, I wasn’t drunk or even happily buzzed. All my clothes ended up at their proper destinations with the exception of one errant bra.
A few weeks ago, I found my car keys on top of one of the litter boxes in the cat’s room. No clue.
Then there was the time the metal tape measure ended up in the oven. Again, no idea how, why or when. I’m just glad I found it before turning the oven on. The odor of white-hot metal and melting numbers can’t be pleasant.
The worst is when I lose my glasses. The world goes fuzzy-gray without them. Yet, at least four times a week, I am on a blind-hunt for them.

Does anyone else out there have this problem, or know someone who does? I wonder if there is a name for it.




Author: The Abject Muse

Susan Marie Shuman is an author and freelance writer/editor who currently resides in the wilds of Birmingham, AL. She shares her life with four spoiled cats, several friends (not all of them imaginary) one husband and one step-son. When she's not working, Susan enjoys horseback riding, reading, taking her cats for a spin in their pet stroller, and taking naps. An ex-bartender, recovering crash test dummy and all-around late bloomer, Susan graduated from the University of South Alabama in 2004 with a BA in English. She minored in Russian. Long-range goals include visiting Israel, the Czech Republic and Liechtenstein. Susan is also planning to launch a micronation which would be called either Suzannistan or Eastern Suzanorovia.

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