Wild-Ass House Guests

It turns out that Pendragon and a pregnant Xaviera (whose real name is Bluma) were forced to flee the circus—no pun intended. You see, when it became obvious that Bluma was pregnant, Pendragon overheard the circus master making plans to sell the baby on the black market for millions. What makes this newborn extra-special is that she or she will be half homunculus and half golem, as Bluma, herself, is a golem.
Who knew?

We now join the boys, Pendragon, and Bluma at the Lindbourg kitchen table, where they are gorging on Pendragon’s favorite: sardine sandwiches. It’s a good thing, for Bluma’s sake, that Mrs. Lindbourg had kosher sardines on-hand.
“So Pendragon, I just gotta ask,” Sebastian said between bites, “how’d you learn to talk?”
Pendragon’s mouth was full, so he held up a finger to indicate that he couldn’t answer at that moment. After wiping the sardine oil from his lips with a napkin, he cleared his throat and began, “the sword-swallower in the next tent taught me. He was a nice guy; good people. Kirby, was his name.”
“Was?” François asked.
“Yeah. It was very sad,” Pendragon explained. “One night during a performance, with the sword halfway down his esophagus … he hiccupped. That was the end for Kirby.”
“Eeeeewww!” Sebastian groaned. “Man, that must’ve hurt!”
“I would imagine,” Pendragon concurred.
François opened his mouth to say something when Bluma let out an enormous yawn, blushed, and whispered something in Yiddish to Pendragon.
“Boys, Bluma is understandably tired. Would it be alright if she lay down for a bit?”
“Heck, yeah!” Sebastian exclaimed. “This is your home!”
“Bluma and the baby’s home too, now!” François chimed in. “You guys can stay as long as you want.”
“It looks like you outgrew your crib,” Sebo joked, “but you remember where the guest room is, right?”
“I do, indeed. But what your parents?” Pendragon grinned.
“Mom’ll be thrilled!” Sebastian said. “She really misses you.”
“That’s for sure,” François agreed. “I thought she’d never stop cryin.’”
“Your mother is one in a million,” Pendragon cocked an eyebrow before adding, “So is your father. I wonder what his reaction will be.”
The words were no sooner out of Pendragon’s mouth when the gang heard keys rattling the front door.
“I bet it’s Mom & Dad!”
“No shit, Frankie?” Sebastian rolled his eyes. “Guess we’re about to find out, Pendragon.”

Susan Marie Shuman


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