The Door

It isn’t so bad, considering. There is a sink, a wobbly wooden table, a cot and even a bathroom. The location is perfect: off a seldom-traveled path, hidden by monstrous, gnarled oak trees. Every day, Those People bring me food and water. Sometimes, The Man comes alone. I don’t like what he makes me do. […]


The Disciple

This week’s writing prompt at 3LineTales is the image below. Niles was damned sick and tired of looking at Liam’s butt swishing back & forth. Wherever they went, Liam got to lead the way while Niles brought up the rear like some kind of disciple. Even though the uniforms were cool and it was a […]

Susan Marie Shuman/ Sisan Writes Precise

Sunshine Sings

I’ve not seen it, but the damp-dirt fragrance; (that musky mystique!) dazzles my blind mind’s eye. Rain’s shimmer—an almost-sound— splash-dancing thirsty lawns. Razored Lightening slicing; silencing Thunder’s echoed moans. Then, Sunshine sings a bow of rain in colors I can hear.     The Daily Post