Is there no end to this woman’s creativity? Will her muse ever shut up?

MOUNT LAUREL, Ala. – Nov. 4, 2017 – PRLog — The Red Shamrock Pub is hosting a book-signing event with Susan Marie Shuman, author of “Eddie’s Underwear & Other Shorts” on Saturday, November 11, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. The Red Shamrock Pub is located at 42 Manning Place in Mt. Laurel, AL.

Released on September 23, “Eddie’s Underwear & Other Shorts” offers an eclectic assortment (over 100, in all) of riveting short stories, micro fiction, and Haiku guaranteed to make its readers laugh, cry, or nod their heads in agreement. Also included in this compilation is a fictional interview with Susan by Piers Morgan, which she borrowed from an interview he did with Oprah Winfrey. “Eddie’s Underwear” is Ms. Shuman’s second book.

Susan Marie Shuman is a freelance writer and editor living in the Greystone area. She is also the proprietor of SusanWritesPrecise, LLC and employs the tagline, “I’ve Got Words & I Know How to Use ’em!”

Hosting the event, The Red Shamrock’s owners Kay and Henry (Chuck) Dailey explain that while holding a book signing in a tavern might seem unusual, “We had a phenomenal turnout with the “Gutter Ball” event. Everyone had a good time and Susan sold a lot of books. Plus, we like to get involved in our community.  These types of events bring the neighborhood together to celebrate the success of one of our own. And, we want to remind people why the Birmingham/Mt. Laurel area is such a great place to call home.”

For more information, contact The Red Shamrock at 205.408.1515. To learn more about Susan and her books, please visit her webpage at

To learn more about The Red Shamrock, visit their Facebook Page.

SusanWritesPrecise, LLC
Susan Marie Shuman

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