Birmingham Author Releases Second Book
“Eddie’s Underwear & Other Shorts”  is now Available

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Sept. 26, 2017 – PRLog — Susan Marie Shuman, local freelance writer (SusanWritesPrecise) and author of Gutter Ball: A Collection of Short Stories, has just published another compendium of fiction. “Eddie’s Underwear & Other Shorts,” contains over 100 short stories, Haiku, flash fiction, and more adventures of the Lindbourg brothers in The Wild-Ass Series.

“Once I got started, I couldn’t stop. My muse just wouldn’t shut up! It was all I could do to hang on & enjoy the ride.”

Similar to Gutter Ball as far as the legendary gut punches Ms. Shuman’s stories deliver, Eddie’s Underwear digs a little deeper — if one can imagine that —and also includes several Haikus, a Sestina, and a bonus interview at the end.

“The Wild-Ass Series kills me! I love those guys. Man, are they funny!” ~ Tony L.

“Where she gets her ideas is a mystery. I’d love to have 1/8 of Susan Marie’s creativity!” ~ Faustina O.

Apparently, the SusanWritesPrecise slogan still rings true:

“I’ve got words & I know how to use ’em!”

Eddie’s Underwear & Other Shorts is available through at and through CreateSpace at


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