A delightful end to a crappy week! Dronstad who blogs over at the Dronstad Writing Blog has graciously nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thank you dronstad!


Now, I must answer the seven questions he’s asked.

  1. What got you to writing?

It all started when I was in the sixth grade.  My teacher gave us a creative writing assignment of maybe two or three paragraphs. I write several pages…just couldn’t help myself! From then on, I knew I would be a writer someday.

  1. Who is your favorite author and genre?

I have a lot of favorites. Franz Kafka tops the list, but I also love Flannery O’Connor,  Mitch Albom, Isaac Bashevis Singer, oh and Anton Chekov. It is easier to explain the genres and types of writing I don’t like. Romance/Sci-Fi (to me they are one and the same), gratuitous violence,  contrived, too-good-to-be-true happy endings. I like stuff that kind of kicks you in the gut; writing with surprising yet believable twists.

  1. What is the main reason as to why you started the blog?

I began blogging to get my name put there as a freelance writer & editor. Plus, I like to write & wanted to meet like-minded people.
4. What motivates you to write?

Where freelancing is concerned, money is an effective motivator :-). Otherwise, I’ll have an idea floating around in my head and eventually something happens or someone says something will bring the idea full-circle. When that happens, I have no choice but to write. If I don’t, I will implode.

  1. What’s the meaning of writing to you?

To me, the written word is a legacy. It has an energy all its own and will be here long after I am gone.

  1. List your goals for writing?

I’ve attained a few of my writing goals:

  • becoming a freelance writer
  • published a book of short stories (Gutter Ball)
  • helped other writers get published
  • Someday, I hope to be a household name, to be really well-known for my writing
  1. What is your advice for beginning writers?

Write what hurts you in your heart and soul. Write what’s difficult for you. Be fearless. Take writing classes. Never give up!


Susan Marie Shuman/ SusanWritesPrecise

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