We’ve finally chosen the winner of the “Name the Kof” contest! It wasn’t as easy as it might seem, considering all the creative and sometimes ‘off-the-wall’ responses we received. Wow! We’d like to thank everyone who participated, and better luck next time. Who knows? Maybe we’ll have another nameless Kof one day. Without further ado, the winner is Akuokuo Vallis, who blogs over at STROKE(d) with “Ceiling Tile Kof!” Is that a great name, or what? Most apropos! Akuokuo won a signed copy of Why the Kof? Getting the Best of Rabbi Fuchs, as well as a signed copy of Gutter Ball: A Collection of Short Stories by good ol’ me, Susan Marie Shuman.
Congratulations & way to go, Akuokuo!

You can view the slideshow of Kof Art by clicking here.

More about Akuokuo Vallis

“I started my stroked blog to share the story of my mom’s stroke recovery. I am her office manager. She is a child psychiatrist– still practicing– she sees kids on the weekend. I have an identical twin sister named Akwelle. My dad had friends from Ghana who suggested our names — my mom hated the names but my dad was very convincing. They are twin names. Lots of twins in Ghana, apparently. Akwelle means fist born female twin and Akuokuo means second born. I went to Brown, concentrated in International relations. I love to cook. I love to paint. I love photography. My old blog from 2 years ago or so is www.ufo-cookbook.com I think the videos are very funny. I love men’s fashion. In fact I’d love to have a men’s fashion line one day. Fragrance is big for me. I will definitely have a line of natural fragrances. I make all of my own fragrances. And I get lots of compliments!”

Akuokuo in selfie mode.
Akwelle and Akuokuo Vallis
Akuokuo & Kookaburra

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