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This week’s writing prompt for the Shapeshifting 13 writing challenge is the word blues.

–  a song often of lamentation characterized by usually 12-bar phrases, 3-line stanzas in which the words of the second line usually repeat those of the first, and continual occurrence of blue notes in melody and harmony

Exactly 52 words.

“Why the long face, Bubba?

Bubba shrugged. “Feelin’ kinda lonely.”

“Aw, heck,” Joe-Mike hollered. “I can fix that!”


“We’s goin’ uptown to hear “Mopey-Dick & the Whiners.”

A Blues Band?

“Yep! One o’ the girls in the band has damn near a whole set o’ teeth!”

“Yer lyin’.”

“Ain’t neither.”

“Hot damn!


SusanWritesPrecise/The Abject Muse