A Blue Bubba

  This week’s writing prompt for the Shapeshifting 13 writing challenge is the word blues. Definition: n. –  a song often of lamentation characterized by usually 12-bar phrases, 3-line stanzas in which the words of the second line usually repeat those of the first, and continual occurrence of blue notes in melody and harmony Exactly […]

Burpington Manor

This week’s word prompt for the Mutant 750 Challenge is the word Hound. This visual prompt is the image below.  noun – a dog of a breed used for hunting, especially one able to track by scent. verb – harass, persecute, or pursue relentlessly.   “Oh, James!” Charlotte gushed. “What a quaint little chalet you’ve chosen…” “I’m so […]


Where were you last night when it all went haywire?   When our daughter had “big math” homework and you know I’m number-dumb?   When your son’s buck teeth and stuttering became bully-magnets? When he came home black-eye angry in a tear-torn shirt? Where were you last night when dinner had been ready for two […]

When Phil Konstantin Didn’t Interview Susan Shuman

Below is an abridged and edited (obviously) excerpt from Phil Konstantin’s interview with Stephen King. If Mr. Konstantin had interviewed me, this is how I’d have answered. I understand you don’t like to be asked why you write the kind of stories you do. Is this correct? Yes. I don’t know why I write what I write. […]