The world will end in three days

Three days? Are you kidding me? That’s hardly enough time! But if that’s the way it is, what can you do?


Let’s see… Mom can call everyone and cancel. I’ll get my sister to return the gifts. Surely people will understand. There won’t be a wedding to come to anyway, nor will there be people to come.

Well, that’s a stupid thought; returning the gifts. By the time they arrived in the mail…well, there wouldn’t be any mailboxes or mail carriers, or anyone to receive the packages… or…anything…

Now that I think about it, there’s no reason to call the caterers, the band or florist, either.

I was going to have Calla Lilies. Great big ones, like the kind they have at Alcatraz.

None of that matters, now.

I guess there’s not that much to do after all.

Suddenly, when there is nothing to look forward to but the end, three days is a long time.

A helluva long time.

One thing’s for sure: I can’t just sit here and wait for nothingness. It’s like watching a movie with a never-ending string of commercials right before the good part.

A person could go crazy!

I was really looking forward to those Calla Lilies, too.



Susan Marie Shuman/ SusanWritesPrecise


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