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“Helleu? Sargent residence…”

“Helleu! Is John in, please?”

“No, I’m afraid not. He’s off painting portraits of people sketching with their wives, again.”

“Indeed! I thought he’d stopped that nonsense after what’d happened last time.”

“Oh, would that it were!” Mrs. Sargent sighed. “He just can’t seem to help himself—and now he’s taken to bringing Merriweather Salazar along on these…outings!”

“Merriweather Salazar? Who on earth is Merriweather Salazar, Madame?”

“His trusted companion; man’s best friend, as they say.”

“I beg your pardon?” The voice on the other end of the line inquired. “I’m afraid I don’t understand…”

“Oh, do forgive me! Merriweather Salazar is Mr. Sargent’s dog: a Chihuahua-Saint Bernard mix.”

“My word! The voice gasped. How could such a thing have…happened?”

“I assume in the usual way, Sir.” Mrs. Sargent explained. “Although I’m no expert in dog breeding, it certainly does give one paws, doesn’t it, then?”


Susan Marie Shuman/SusanWritesPrecise

“Paul Helleu Sketching with his Wife” by John Singer Sargent