The Stranger

It wasn’t my fault. I swear to God, it wasn’t.

I was on my way to New York. Everything was going along fine, just like it had a hundred times before. It was a clear day–good flying weather. Suddenly whoever was at the controls wasn’t there anymore. A stranger had taken over. I became dizzy and lost direction.

And then my passengers were screaming and I was falling. Soaked in jet fuel, parts of me were aflame. Buildings with people in them were in front of my nose. I could see the horrified bewilderment on their faces, as my face helplessly exploded into theirs on September eleventh.


Susan Marie Shuman/SusanWritesPrecise

Author: The Abject Muse

Susan Marie Shuman is an author and freelance writer/editor who currently resides in the wilds of Birmingham, AL. She shares her life with four spoiled cats, several friends (not all of them imaginary) one husband and one step-son. When she's not working, Susan enjoys horseback riding, reading, taking her cats for a spin in their pet stroller, and taking naps. An ex-bartender, recovering crash test dummy and all-around late bloomer, Susan graduated from the University of South Alabama in 2004 with a BA in English. She minored in Russian. Long-range goals include visiting Israel, the Czech Republic and Liechtenstein. Susan is also planning to launch a micronation which would be called either Suzannistan or Eastern Suzanorovia.

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