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This time when he proposed, the answer was, “No.” No wedding, house in the suburbs, no little girl with dark, curly hair. And so, my homeless soul hovered elsewhere and embodied somebody else.

Game Changer

This week’s writing prompts for the Shapeshifting 13 Challenge are cat, cards, and café. In exactly 13 words.   When “Go Fish!” is suggested, the Cat Café’s patrons forget about playing cards.

Melvin’s Lament

  This week’s prompts for the Shapeshifting 13 writing challenge are, troll, sea floor, and mirror. In exactly 52 words: ** Melvin is a merman fraught with angst. His parents’ irresponsible and haphazard interspecies coupling left him with a laundry list of psychological disorders to navigate: “Mirror, mirror on the sea floor, what am I […]
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Letter to my 18-year-old Damn-Self

Dear Susan, I’d have written sooner, but wouldn’t have known what the hell I was talking about. Sorry. I wish you could have read this when it would have done you some good.  Given the fact that I knew none of this then, it would’ve been impossible. Plus, knowing you, you wouldn’t have listened anyway. First, […]
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Tuesday Photo Challenge | Animals