Melvin’s Lament

  This week’s prompts for the Shapeshifting 13 writing challenge are, troll, sea floor, and mirror. In exactly 52 words: ** Melvin is a merman fraught with angst. His parents’ irresponsible and haphazard interspecies coupling left him with a laundry list of psychological disorders to navigate: “Mirror, mirror on the sea floor, what am I […]

SusanWritesPrecise/The AbjectMuse

Over and Over

The first time we kissed, Crimson & Clover was playing on the radio. From then on, it was officially ‘our song.’ One month and eleven days later, Jimmy left for Vietnam. I wrote to him every day and he wrote as often as he could. In our letters, we planned our wedding and even named our kids. […]

The Book of Samuel

  There was pregnant pause fit for an ellipsis at the Plath Institute for the Punctuationally Perplexed. Apostrophes dangled in mid-air—like modifiers—pondering their functions. Were they in for possession, or did their presence suggest a multitude of charges? Commas found themselves scattered, unsure of where to go and how many of them were necessary. Meanwhile, the semi-colons, colons and em-dashes jockeyed for position in the […]