I just found this challenge so I’m starting with day # 10.

Me & Burt Reynolds.


Another one of those faerie tale romances that never got off the ground.

It started like this:

The year was 1972 and I was in the 8th grade. It was Friday night.

My friend Marta and I were able to talk our respective parents into letting see Deliverance, sans parental guidance.

We were sitting in a dark theatre sharing a disgusting tub of butter-soggy popcorn when it happened: Burt Reynolds appeared on the screen.

And I knew, just knew, he was the guy for me. Once my zit-farm of a face cleared-up, I acquired a pair of contact lenses and figured out what to do with my frizzy hair, I’d launch a relentless pursuit.

Before all of that could happen, though, I learned that he was rude and arrogant in real life. That, I could deal with; but when I found out about his girlfriend—heh.

I had no choice but to dump him.

Sorry Burt. You blew it!




My First Celebrity Crush

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