Monthly Archives: December 2016

Got Bananas?

  This week’s prompt is the word reflection. Exactly 13 words. ** “Fred? Why are you looking at me like that?” “Monkey see, monkey do.”  

The Leap of Faith

It was more attention than she’d ever received in her life. How she’d ended up this high was anyone’s guess, but she was glad it happened: All eyes were on her; she was the star! But what did they, her new fans, want? Dizzy with excitement and overwhelmed by her sudden fame, she could barely make […]
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Marnie’s Guts

It wasn’t the first time he’d given her a black eye, broken her ribs, or left a purple-hot bruise where no one could see. But by God, it was the last. “That’s it.” Marnie whispered, holding a dish towel to her bloodied chin. “I’m done.” “You ain’t goin’ no-damn-where,” he sneered. “You ain’t got the […]
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Art Appreciation

It was the first thing she saw each morning when she woke up, and the last thing she saw before falling asleep. It bungled her dreams and ruined her days. For as far back as Tammy could remember it had hung there, taking up almost the entire wall. The monstrosity was an eyesore; a waste of valuable space where Barry Manilow […]
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Mavra Ph’tera

Today’s writing prompt at The Daily Post is the word, fortune. ** It was a lot to take in. Mavra Ph’tera* struggled to make sense of it all. Below, the Chicago River flowed the way it always had, as if nothing had happened.  He thought about jumping; just to see if they really worked, but the […]
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