The writing prompt today at Our Random View, asks us to explain how we would survive a zombie apocalypse.


Good question.

When I lived in Connecticut, my neighbor was a member of the local Zombie Response Team. His vehicle is pictured below.  I didn’t have to worry about the ZA  then. Travis had me covered.

Now, however, I live in Alabama and have not seen one Zombie Response vehicle. Not one.

After asking around, most folks think a good dousing of Holy Water is more than enough to eradicate the zombies. Well, okay…but I’m Jewish. Would Holy Water work for me & my Tribe?

I am doubtful.

Stabbing them in the left eye with a broomstick works well, according to The Walking Dead. But that squishing sound  skeeves me out. No can do. Besides, how many times can you use the same broomstick?

So, I have two plans. One is to kill them with kindness, so to speak. Perhaps all these poor undead souls need is a bit of understanding and empathy. Who knows? Maybe in time we’ll all be holding hands, dancing & singing  Hava Nagila.

Or not.

Should this plan fail, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, I guess. Sometimes assimilating is all you can do.

Yuck, though.


Zombie Response Team



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