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Tuesdays of Texture | 49


Share Your World | 48

  Do you prefer eating foods with nuts or no nuts? It depends on what type of food  we’re talking about.  Grilled cheese, probably not. Almond Joy, definitely. Grape Nuts…I’m conflicted. If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction? My life […]
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Sunday Trees | 263

Here’s my entry for Becca Givens’ Sunday Trees.   New Britain, CT                          Mobile, AL


There are three over-sized concrete steps to navigate before I reach the threshold of the doorway that I always trip over. It’s been there every day, just like me, for the past 30 years and I still trip over the same wayward chunk of rubber. This skid-clunk is my trademark. Snickers here, pockets of chuckles […]
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The Welcome Wagon

The bus lumbered along the road. At every hour or so, the driver smashed the pedal to the floor; screeching the brakes. The doors slammed open, and passengers swarmed the vehicle like fleas to a bloodhound in June.  Before everyone sat down, the doors crashed together and the bus resumed its journey with a lurch, […]
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