The word prompt today at The Daily Post is “giant.”


I used to think my brother was the Jolly Green Giant. Seriously.

Jerry is about 20 years older than me, and was working his way through college when I was around four or five. This was in the early 1960s. My mom mentioned to one of her friends that Jerry was working at Green Giant during his summer vacation.

Anyway, I assumed that since Jerry worked there, he must be the Giant on the TV commercial. It’s the only thing that made sense in my five-year-old mind. So, every time the commercial came on, I’d scoot up close to the TV and try to see the giant’s face to make sure it was that of my brother.

After a while, I became suspicious.  The giant’s features were nothing like Jerry’s, nor was his voice. It became clear that this guy was not my brother.

I asked my mom if Jerry had been fired from his job.

After she quit laughing, she explained that Jerry merely worked at the Green Giant plant, and was not the actual giant.

Talk about devastation! I’d bragged to all my friends and anyone who would listen that my bro was a movie star.

It was rough going, but eventually I overcame the trauma and went on to lead a marginally  productive life.


                           This is not my brother.

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