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This week’s prompt for the Shapeshifting 13 Challenge at Grammar Ghoul Press is the word spell. v. 1. to read slowly and with difficulty 2. a spoken word or form of words held to have magic power When her date demonstrated a remarkable fluency in flatulence, the spell was broken.  

The Bond

The prompt this week at 100wcgu is …EMERALD… Check out Julia’s Place to learn more about the One Hundred Word Challenge for Grown-ups. I was thrilled—no, ecstatic—when I learned I was pregnant with you. Each day I fell in love with you a little more as this tiny life grew and stirred inside me. I couldn’t wait […]
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Adjusting Real Life

When loud words form on angry lips, a child’s face prunes-up in temper tantrum mode, or the 10:00 news reports (repeats!) humankind’s brutal and apathetic disregard— I mute the world. You see, Hearing aids allow one to create or modify reality.  

The Middle-Aged Huerfano

  This week’s prompts for the Shapeshifting 13 writing challenge at Grammar Ghoul Press are the words orphan and inherent. Exactly 39 words. ΠΡ Mom died the semester before I was to graduate from University. Somehow, she’d persuaded me to walk–so inherently proud of my accomplishments Yes, well. eventually, my diploma came in the mail. innocuously, […]
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Aim High

Three marriages; three divorces. Countless boyfriends and one-night stands but still no Mr. Right— not even a Mr. Close Enough. Six kids: two in prison three unaccounted for; one baby-bump and a big, fat drug habit.   “Well done, my child. Well done!”