Monthly Archives: June 2016

Richards in Ice

I learned something interesting today while doing research for a writing gig. 1) In Reykjavik, Iceland there is a Phallological Museum that proudly exhibits over two hundred eighty penises and penile parts that once belonged to Icelandic mammals. And get this: “It should be noted that the museum has also been fortunate enough to receive  […]
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The Book of Samuel

There was pregnant pause fit for an ellipsis at the Plath Institute for the Punctuationally Perplexed. Apostrophes dangled in mid-air—like modifiers—pondering their functions. Were they in for possession, or did their presence suggest a multitude of charges? Commas found themselves scattered, unsure of where to go and how many of them were necessary. Meanwhile, the semi-colons, colons and em-dashes jockeyed for position in the awkward […]
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Dependence Day

  Mom told me not to, but when Jimmy handed me a firecracker I took it. Other kids were holding them. I wanted to be cool, too. Mom told me not to and I should’ve listened.   My guide dog is cool, though.

The Stars

All dressed-up and somewhere to go: A ‘woodsy’ at Tucker Lake— with that dreamy football star. Full moon, full kegs; twinkling stars that match the twinkle in his eye. Now, I’m hiding a baby-bump. He’s hiding from me. The stars. They lied.

Universal Vegetation