Sky swollen and grey angry clouds threaten to burst like water balloons.  

Pucker Up!

        Blew through a stop sign. Red lights, sirens, no license. It’s butt-pucker time.      

Lust ≠ Love

The Daily Post   Love is what happens when lust is taken to heart and goes to your head.    

The Real Neat Blog Award

  A delightful end to a crappy week! Dronstad who blogs over at the Dronstad Writing Blog has graciously nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thank you dronstad!   Now, I must answer the seven questions he’s asked. What got you to writing? It all started when I was in the sixth grade. …

In My Room

The Daily Post The air is hot, dense, and toxic, I feel my lungs boiling then shriveling. The lace curtains my grandmother made sparkle and flash like fireflies, then disintegrate. A smoldering pillowcase Scorches the bedspread as the flames take over, buckling the door and wrinkling the walls. Everything is screaming.  


Snuck out last night to meet at our usual spot — for one last goodbye

Room For Rent

The Daily Post Last month’s editorial page lay rumpled on my floor. Its letters graying and damp-wrinkled, edges curling upward. Broken shells that once held sunflower seeds piled in one corner and a plastic mirror with a silenced bell in the other. How that bell drove me crazy with its incessant, cheap-metal jingle! In retrospect,…

Universal Vegetation

The Daily Post   “Mom? Dad?” Sprout asked. “Who’s the little runt next to me?” “Oh, that’s your sibling,” Dad answered. “My what?” “Your sibling. You know, a baby brother or sister.” “It sure doesn’t look like us,” Sprout observed. “Are you sure it’s ours?” “Of course, dear,” Mom replied. “Give it some time. You’ll see.” “I hope…


Darkness fell like sin that N’awlins Saturday night. Nobody seen nothin’.  

Precious & Grace

The Daily Post “The Master says we should do something meaningful every day—something memorable that makes an impact,” Grace explained. “Ah, but ‘meaningful’ is subjective,” Precious grinned. “Razor blades in candy bars, or cinder blocks thrown from the overpass?” “Why not both?” “Indeed,” Precious agreed. “Why not both? Maybe we’ll get extra credit!”  

Share Your World | 7/10

How do you like to spend a rainy day? Curled up in bed with a good book, or on my computer writing a good book. List at least five favorite treats. (They do not have to be sugary). Raiding the Tattered Cover bookstore Raiding ULTA and/or Sephora Licorice ice cream Good guacamole That’s all I…